Oh, wow! It has been a few months since my last update. I am really not a good blogger, hehe. There are times when I want to post something but too lazy to do so. You see, consistency is my biggest problem here.

Anyway, how are you during the Covid-19 outbreak? So far there's been no lockdown in Indonesia though people have been urged to work from home and not visit malls, restaurants, parks, and not to travel at all unless it's essential. There's a Starbucks near my house. People are still going out and hanging out with their buddies there like we're having no issue at all. Hmm😐 I read somewhere that Starbucks in US is remained open for customers purchasing takeout only to reduce the spread of the corona virus. But not here. I guess many of us still don't take this whole situation seriously.

Merry Christmas!

Halo, everyone. How are you? Wow, it's been a long time since the last time I updated my blog. So much has happened since August. Some issues seem not getting any better like they should. I feel like I’m stuck in a loop. Now I’m just trying to hold on, be strong and keep my sanity. The last few months, I've been trying to keep myself busy so I won’t be too stressful or sad about my problems and all the things going on in my family.

Anyway, it's past midnight and I haven't slept even a minute. I keep coughing and feel like I'm trying to clear my lungs but coughing just makes me cough more. My throat hurts so bad from coughing. My nose is so stuffed that I have to breathe through my mouth, which just makes it even worse. I'm super tired but I have this horrible cough that is not allowing me to sleep. Oh, poor me😒

Drawing Is My Therapy

Halo. How are you?
Ever since I was little, I always like to draw because it's fun to me. Drawing always works to make me feel relaxed and forget all my problems for a while. It's like my other way to express my feelings beside blogging. Actually, drawing has helped me through difficult times to cope with my anxiety in ways I can't put into words. When I draw, I feel like I get lost in my own little world, where the only two things that exist are the subject of my drawing and me. It feels so good to let my imagination go on a piece of paper. It's a really fun way to kill time. I could spend hours just to draw one subject. I would rather choose  drawing than going out somewhere with some friends. Haha, weird? Wait, do I even have friends?