Halo, cheese cakes! How was your weekend? I hope it went great. Mine was not fun at all. It was dead boring. I was very bored at home and I felt like I needed to get out of the house before I got depressed or overthinking about anything. My mood wasn’t good at all. I thought being alone was what I actually needed. So, I checked in at Artotel, Jakarta. Once in a while, I need this. I need some time on my own. It’s allowing me to focus on myself. No pressure, no stress, and no worries.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my staying at Artotel. It’s actually my second staying, just a few weeks after the first one. What I like about this hotel is their mural art. The building itself has tats around it. It’s a tattooed building! That’s how I see Artotel, haha. Heh, 😑 what am I talking about here?! It’s just that Artotel’s exterior design isn’t like any normal building exterior, haha. Awesome artwork though!! I love it so much!!
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Halo, cutes. I’m back. As I have promised you, I will not neglect my dear plain blog ever again. So, here I am. Umm, I actually don’t know what to write, but I’m bored and I really want to blog about something. Well, I think I will just introduce you to Kitty and tell you about our little foodie tasting journey then.